GTA: Gay Tony multiplayer to feature parachutes, tanks

What, did you think Rockstar was going to ship the next episode from Liberty City without some new multiplayer stuff? That’s not their style, now is it? 

The Ballad of Gay Tony opens up multiplayer with access to tanks, attack choppers, brand new weapons, and… parachutes. To what extent you’ll be using those chutes we’re not sure, but if these screens are any indication, you’re going to be doing a lot of it. The multiplayer will also feature “tighter” maps for Deathmatch, and will (in some way) keep track of kill streaks and assisted kills. 

Anyone out there still playing Grand Theft Auto IV‘s multiplayer, or is this what’s going to get you back into the game? The Ballad of Gay Tony is available for download or as part of Grand Theft Auto: Episode from Liberty Cities at retail (along with The Lost and Damned on the same disc) on October 29, 2009.

Nick Chester