GTA: Chinatown Wars by Feb ’09? Also, GTA IV shifts 10 million

So far, all we’ve known for certain about Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is that it’s headed to the Nintendo DS. Beyond that is information residing firmly in the realm of conjecture, but it seems that one thing is clear — the game is currently slated to arrive in Take-Two’s first fiscal quarter of 2009. 

Both Chinatown Wars and the Japanese version of GTA IV are due to be released during Q1 of 2009, which begins this November and ends in January. This of course means that the first Grand Theft Auto game to grace a DS could happen before February of next year. 

In other GTA news, Take-Two announced that Blockbuster had shipped over ten million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV worldwide since August 16. That’s an impressive number, especially if it’s coming from just one retailer.

There is also yet more talk and rumor-mongering about the ETA and length of the downloadable GTA IV episodes but you know what? I am absolutely sick to death of talking about them. Yes, they might be between ten and fifteen hours long, may be released in November, could be released in March 2035 and may or may not feature a playable Gilles De Rais on a jet ski. Who knows? I don’t and neither do you.

Jim Sterling