GTA 5 physical sales top 5 million in UK alone

And that’s not even counting downloads

Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 5 million copies in the UK.

The figures are confirmed by chart company GfK Chart-Track and don’t even include download sales (meaning the squillions of recent Steam purchases haven’t been counted here).

GTA V grossed $1bn within just three days of release and became the UK’s best selling game when it hit PS4 and Xbox One in November last year. It sold 2.25m copies in Britain in just five days, smashing the previous record sent by Call of Duty: Black Ops

In his review, Jim Sterling said that “Grand Theft Auto V is both a reflective and deflective game, diving into the heart of the GTA series with more than a few subtle things to say about itself.” 

The fact it’s still charting means it’s still selling, but do you think those sales represent re-purchases (i.e. someone buying a new-gen copy in place of their old-gen one) or are there still people out there who have yet to play it? And if you haven’t yet picked up GTA V, what’s stopping you? 

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Vikki Blake