GT 5 Prologue UK date & price revealed, American green-eyed monster surfaces

It’s a well-established fact that Sony is huge in Europe, and part of that is due to gestures like this. CVG has just confirmed the European release date for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The über-realistic racer will appear on the European PlayStation Store on March 27th, followed the next day by a Blu-ray Disc version.

Hamza told us about the American release date (April 17th) a while back, but now, residents of the States have reason to envy the PS3-owning car enthusiasts across the pond — they’ll be getting the game three weeks ahead of us.

It had been previously speculated that this would be the European release date. After all, Sony recently announced two new Europe-only PS3 bundles, one of which will include a copy of GT 5 Prologue and go on sale in the UK for £299 starting March 28th. Now that Sony’s grand scheme has been fully revealed, everything makes sense.

Of course, we Yanks can still take solace in two equalizers. For one, both the American and European versions of the game will share the same content — and it’s significantly more stuff than Japan saw when the game was released there on December 13, 2007. Secondly, the PSN and Blu-ray versions of GT 5 Prologue will retail for 24.99 pounds sterling in the UK, which still amounts to just over $50. As always, America is victorious in the end! Wait, you mean we didn’t prevail in Vietnam or Iraq? Crap…

[via CVG — thanks, Adam!]

Samit Sarkar