Gryphons, werewolves, minotaurs a serious issue: New Legendary: The Box images

There are many reasons why I’m not a thief, the least of which is that I might accidentally steal the wrong thing, thus unleashing hordes of monsters upon modern civilization. How would I explain that to my wife?

That’s exactly what happens in Spark Unlimited’s first-person shooter, Legendary: The Box. A thief steals an ancient artifact, and unwittingly starts a war between mythical creatures and mankind. Before you know it, minotaurs are taking all of our best jobs, we’re cleaning gryphon droppings off of our windshields before we go to work, and our significant others are cheating on us with werewolves before getting torn limb from limb. It’s a bad scene, man.

The Gamecock published Legendary: The Box is set to hit the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in Spring 2008. There’s still time to gryphonize your cars.

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