Grrrrrrr, time to date some hot and manly orcs

Got to love some burly man chest

As many of you who regularly read the Destructoid front page will know, I do love myself a good dating sim. Strong writing, unique dating options I don’t normally have and the chance to understand what true love between a homosexual man and his pet goldfish can feel like.

Well, today I have something special to share with everyone. I played the first twenty minutes or so of a new dating sim called Tusks. Damn, this game has some really hot orcs to date.

So, let’s get this out the way, I think the blue guy Ggorom on the right hand side of the top image is daaaaaaamn fine. He has a great sense of humour, a soft cuddly belly to lean on and big muscular arms with which to protect me. He’s everything I could want from a giant blue homosexual male life companion.

Wow this game’s opening 20 minutes are well written, I want the whole thing to come out already.

If you want to experience the opening of the game for yourself and see how lovely this burly orc men are, you can download the demo here.

Laura Dale