Grow Home sequel Grow Up all set for August 16

Nice to hear it’s also coming to Xbox One

Ubisoft Reflections is making a sequel to its chipper platform-adventure Grow Home. I caught the announcement trailer out of E3, but with everything else happening that week, it quickly slipped out of mind. I’m sure some of you missed it altogether. As confirmed today, Grow Up is releasing digitally on August 16 in North America and Europe for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I’ve tried a few times to get into Grow Home, but it hasn’t happened yet, and that bums me out. I’m fairly certain I’d like it if I could just stick with it for a while longer, past the slow start; the game is right in my wheelhouse. “One of these days,” as they say.

Here’s the trailer again for your convenience. The Power Glider looks fun!

Grow Up Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC August 16 [Ubisoft]

Jordan Devore
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