GripShift coming to PlayStation Network

Sony Online Entertainment has just sent me word that their previously PSP-only title GripShift will get a “re-mix” for the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network. At 60 FPS and in 720p, the game will cost you just $9.99 and feature 4-player online multiplayer. From the release:

GripShift is a re-mix of the award-winning original specially redesigned for e-Distribution (EDI) through the PlayStation Network.  Running at 60fps, GripShift will come to life on the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system in unbelievable high-definition at 720p. Featuring totally enhanced HD graphics, refined gameplay and four player online multiplayer for $9.99.
Digital Download Deluxe: Experience a re-mix of the award-winning original specifically redesigned for e-Distribution through the PlayStation Network.
Original Combination of Genres: Stunt Driving, Platform-Action and Puzzle-Solving genres combine to offer the ultimate driving experience.
Vibrant 3D Environments in HD: Navigate through roller-coaster style tracks and four themed worlds (Desert, Jungle, Ice and Horror) that come alive with brilliant 3D HD graphics at 720p 60fps stunning lighting and dynamic visual effects.
All-new Gameplay and Content: Improved vehicle handling provides more responsive controls while new game content includes 125+ new and re-mixed levels, 25 race tracks, and an enhanced music soundtrack.
Puzzle-like Challenges: Multiple routes, short-cuts, loops, jumps, ramps, power-ups and dangers to avoid will challenge the most skilled drivers.

Hate on the PS3 all you want, but at least we know how much things cost online. None of this points business that Microsoft and Nintendo seem content to push. The game is slated to come out either late this month or in early January. 


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