GRIN’s Final Fantasy title not dead, just not with GRIN

When our sources told us Swedish-developer GRIN (Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate) was working on an Final Fantasy spin-off action title for Square Enix, we were stunned. But when then studio closed and concept art for the game started to leak out, we were sure it was all but dead. (Ours requests for comments on the story at the time were not returned by Square.)

But according to’s sources, the title is still in development at Square Enix. According to the report, Square Enix Japan had taken GRIN off of the project, codenamed “Fortress,” after only half a year of work, due to concerns of quality.’s sources also corroborate what we had heard, which is that the fate of the project ultimately led to the studio’s demise. 

With only six months of the project under GRIN’s belt before closing in August, it’s likely that if the project still exists, we won’t see it for awhile. In the meantime, there’s always Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII for your Final Fantasy action needs.

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