Grime showed off more of its surreal world and I’m so down to explore it

New gameplay footage of the creature-absorbing action-RPG

I haven’t forgotten about Grime, and I hope you haven’t either. Clover Bite’s action-adventure RPG about a “humanoid black hole” who can absorb bizarre creatures continues to show great promise.

In this narrated footage from director Yarden Weissbrot, we’re shown just how much utility the absorption ability has, from catching and sending back projectiles to dislodging tightly-held shields. As you absorb foes, you’ll fill out a bestiary and start to unlock (and rank up) traits with bonuses/abilities like dealing more damage with backstabbing attacks or pulling on “nearby vulnerable surfaces.”

I’m also intrigued by the “fully interconnected” map – it already looks like a world I want to pore over.

I know some of you are feeling this game, and I imagine plenty more of you will be on-board today if you happened to miss the Gamescom trailer in August. Grime is still scheduled to release on Steam in 2021.

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