Grim Fandango’s voice cast will reunite at E3 for a live reading


At E3 this year, Double Fine will be hosting an event that reunites the original cast from Grim Fandango. Being streamed via Facebook Live, the cast will do a live reading of select scenes from the game along with live music. This is all in honor of the game’s 20th anniversary, which suddenly makes me feel very old.

My history with the game is that I completely missed it upon its original release (I was 10 years old and being blown away by Ocarina of Time). I didn’t play the game until around 2004 when I had been looking through a list of the “Top 100 Games Ever Made” and took an immediate interest in the art style. It quickly became a favorite of mine and is something I always recommend to people that pine about the death of adventure games.

Double Fine [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.