Grim Fandango action figures are to die for

I am not a huge action figure collector, but if I ever see something that tickles my fancy I will usually snatch it up and display it in my office. Like, right now I am looking at a rather sassy Princess Peach and cute Dragon Quest slime staring back at me from both sides of my computer.

With that being said, oh how I wish the above Grim Fandango action figures were for sale. No offense to the ruler of the mushroom kingdom, but she would easily be banished to the back of the closet next to my dust-covered extra copy of Apples to Apples so I could proudly display these pristine models of Manny and Glottis.

Artist Iain Reekie sculpted the figures from scratch (!) and really should be applauded for a job well done. The work is absolutely stunning — they really look just like the characters from the classic PC game.

What do you think? Gorgeous, huh? What other videogame characters would you love to see sculpted in such meticulous detail? (Anyone that says Psychonauts gets a hug from me.)

[Via Kotaku]

Chad Concelmo