Grim Dawn will receive new Fangs of Asterkarn DLC in 2024

The Diablo competitor will get the Berserker mastery, amidst other goodies.

Diablo 4 may have overshadowed the hack ‘n’ slash conversation for a while, until it did away with the community goodwill it collected early on. Fortunately, Crate Entertainment is at it again to remind us that the genre goes far beyond Blizzard. The creators of Grim Dawn have announced that the studio is working on a huge new DLC: Fangs of Asterkarn.

A journey westward where the legendary Berserkers reign supreme, the key highlight of Fangs of Asterkarn is the introduction of the “transformative” 10th character Mastery. Crate Entertainment promises that players will get to embody a “frenzied force of destruction” by shapeshifting into various beasts. Those jumping into Fangs of Asterkarn will have access to no less than 45 multi-class combinations once the DLC releases.

Image via Crate Entertainment

New Grim Dawn features in Fangs of Asterkarn DLC

Grim Dawn first launched back in 2016 to immediate fan adoration and ample critical acclaim. It was, after all, a classic no-fuss hack ‘n’ slash from many developers who worked on the original Titan Quest. What was particularly important about Grim Dawn, even then, was that it was built on the core gameplay loop of Titan Quest, allowing for character multi-classing, solid itemization, and more. In the long years since, Crate Entertainment released several DLCs, adding more multi-class opportunities, boss fights, gear, and lots more. Fangs of Asterkarn aims to continue this tradition.

Crate Entertainment’s announcement confirms that the DLC will be a premium expansion pack (and priced accordingly, in line with Ashes of Malmouth, for example) with everything that this includes. No level cap increases, but potion customization and affix transmutation are being added to the feature stack instead.

More information about the DLC is still pending at this time. With a 2024 release window, Crate Entertainment’s got plenty of time to show it off over the coming months.

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