GRID’s developer diaries make an introduction

When the trailer for GRID was released, some of us immediately became excited over what appeared to be a Gran Turismo-like game, with Burnout influences. Much like Codemaster’s hit game DiRT before it, GRID shows that the guys know a thing or two about hitting us with that much-needed eye candy that we’ve come to associate with racing games. Seeing those highly detailed cars flipping over and spinning out left me feeling all giddy inside. Racing is all about winning, but it has always been the crashes that drew the most excitement (in games, anyway). 

In this latest video narrated by GRID’s Chief Game Designer Ralph Fulton (who sounds strikingly like Desmond from LOST), we are told that in order to provide the ultimate racing experience for the game, they’ve limited us to what they consider to be the 45 best race cars ever assembled. He also feels that since crashes are an important part of racing (translated into “We know gamers love to see cars smashed to pieces”), the team dedicated an entire year of development time to refine the car damage and deformation system in the game.

How the game is going to hold up against the pedigree known as GT has yet to be seen, but judging by the trailer and this, racing fans should be pleased.

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