Gridrunner Revolution is out now, go play the demo

Put down that acid, Jimmy! You don’t need drugs when you’ve got Llamasoft’s Gridrunner Revolution.

The demo for the game is now available, as is the full $20 product. Similar to the studio’s previous game Space Giraffe, summing up my experience with Gridrunner Revolution is tricky. At first, I thought I understood what I was doing; what a fool I was.

Weird shapes started flying at me, the sun’s gravity decided to f*ck with my bullets, the number of sheep references and brightly-colored explosions tripled every passing second … yes, this is a game I’m still talking about. It’s hard to say if I had “fun” per se, but the game was at the very least entertaining.

I think everyone should try the demo if only because Gridrunner Revolution is so out of its mind that it can’t be passed up. A word of caution, though: reading text on your computer after playing is not recommended.

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