Greenberg skeptical about PlayStation Move’s software

Microsoft demagogue Aaron Greenberg has cast a critical eye of PlayStation Move’s upcoming library of titles — and made sure to state that Kinect is brilliant, of course. The executive in charge of shenanigans has a big problem with Move inserting waggle into traditional controller-based games. 

“I think that most of the experiences designed for Kinect were designed from the ground up,” he claims. “The difference is, it seems, a lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers] added the Move functionality to.

“Our approach has been different, because we feel that a controller is the best way to play games like Halo or Call of Duty. So we’d rather not have you have to choose between using a controller or motion controller; we’d rather design experiences that are uniquely made for Kinect.

“Now, there is the ability to have hybrid games that combine both – but we think those will be designed uniquely for that experience too.”

I’m not buying Move at launch, as I can’t justify spending $80 on a controller and I don’t want to ever become an early adopter of a Sony product again after getting burned by its PSP strategy, but at least I’m planning to get one. Everything I’ve seen about Kinect has made me want Move more, and I’ll take “traditional games with Move added” over Avatar-flavored minigames and on-rails Harry Potter

Greenberg calls PlayStation Move software line-up into question [CVG]

Jim Sterling