Green Man Gaming kicks off its summer sale with cheapest XCOM 2

90 games on sale for first round

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Digital retailer Green Man Gaming has kicked off its PC games summer sale with a big wave of discounts. The site also introduced new “Member Pricing” in lieu of its common site-wide discount code.

Gamers looking for bargains will now need to be logged in to see the best discounts (there is a public discount price, then when you log in or add to your cart, you’ll see a further discount if available). Lazy gamers are also in luck as we’re listing all the final discount prices below — whether you’ve bothered to logged in or not.

For GMG’s summer sale, it has broken up the deals into two-day rounds, with the first wave being “Alien and Space” themed titles. Everything listed below will expire Wednesday morning at 8:00am Pacific. We’re expecting most, if not all of the titles to make a comeback during the last-phase “Encore Sale” period. So if you have a limited budget to work with, you can always wait through the entire sales period to pick up the game you want this weekend.

Highlights from today’s round include XCOM 2 at only $28.79, with its Digital Deluxe at $32.99 (contains the Season Pass and now at its lowest historic price). Other good picks include Offworld Trading Company for only $15.79 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for only $4.29.


Stardock Titles

Deus Ex

X Series

Eve Online

Lost Planet

Iceberg Interactive Titles

Alien Breed

Strike Suit

Endless Space

UFO (XCOM-inspired)

Star Wolves

More “Final Frontier” Themed Titles

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