Green Day confirms some kind of Rock Band involvement

A few weeks ago we reported that the names of a handful of Green Day tracks appeared inside date of the files found on the Rock Band Unplugged UMD. Speaking on KROQ 106.7 FM’s Kevin and Bean’s Breakfast, singer/guitar/songwriter Billy Joe Armstrong has seemingly confirmed the band’s Rock Band involvement.

“Uh yeah, we’re doing a whole Green Day Rock Band…uh,” he said, quite articulately.

While the “whole Green Day Rock Band…uh” could be interpreted as an entirely new retail disc (see also: AC/DC and the potential Pearl Jam project), that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. It’s possible for Harmonix/MTV Games to work with Green Day in promoting a track pack, something I’m sure most fans of the game are pulling for.

Because seriously, another disc-based game? Even if you can import the tracks to your hard drive for play in Rock Band/Rock Band 2, some might say things are starting to look a bit Activision-y. And “Activision-y” isn’t even a word, guys. I had to make that one up just for this story.

We’re likely to find out soon enough; Armstrong says it’ll be available by the end of the year. Hit our original story for a list of potential songs in this “Green Day Rock Band…uh.”

[via Kotaku]

Nick Chester