Greedfall to receive expanded edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Travel the world, catch a disease, kill monsters

Focus Home Entertainment has announced that its dark colonial RPG GreedFall will be journeying onto next-gen platforms in 2021. GreedFall for PS5 and Xbox Series X will bring the dramatic adventure to the new consoles in its entirety, along with brand new, undisclosed content.

Developed by Spiders (not literally) and released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One back in 2019, GreedFall tells a turn-of-the-century story about a group of explorers who travel to uncharted land in search of the cure for a grim virus. Arriving at the mysterious locale of Teer Fradee, our protagonists find a people at war with both invading armies and a slew of vicious monsters. It is up to the player to earn the trust (or ire) of the encountered characters, keeping the party alive whilst searching for a cure to save civilization.

No release date was announced for the PS5 or Xbox Series X release. We will keep you informed when more details are forthcoming.

Chris Moyse
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