Great googly moogly Sony is teasing Crash Bandicoot again

Sony loves its remasters

Sony is really getting comfortable this generation with its remasters, and for a long while people have been expecting something Crash-related on PS4. Every year or so it comes back and says “we’d love to revive Crash” or something to that effect, and then select talking heads (no, not the ones of Psycho Killer fame) say “no not really.”

So why is Sony Middle East teasing Crash on its Twitter account with the slogan “Most Wanted: Where Are You Crash?” We don’t know! While the publisher could just be honoring its once storied legacy yet again, there’s no doubt that one day, Crash will rise out of the ashes just like Spyro did. Toys-to-life with Crash? I’d consider it. I mean, Activision still owns it after all.

Remember when he repped D-Generation X, had a canceled cartoon, a kart racing game that was better than a lot of Mario Karts, and probably coined the phrase “booyah Grandma?” Good times.

PlayStation Mid East [Twitter]

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