GRAW team says ‘It’s wrong to say it’s harder to code on the PS3’

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Ever since the early days of the PlayStation 2, the number one biggest weapon in an anti-Sony fanboy’s arsenal has been the “it’s more difficult to develop for” bomb. Things haven’t changed much with the PS3, and now even developers are are saying it, which lead many to speculate that PS3 game delays happen for this reason.

The team behind Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and it’s upcoming sequel are saying just the opposite.

“It’s wrong to say it’s harder to code on the PlayStation 3, it’s just something that needs to be learnt,” said Le Tensorer, co-founder of Ubisoft’s Tiwak studio and co-creator of the Yeti engine powering GRAW and the upcoming Beowulf game. “It’s not harder to develop on the PS3 than it is on the 360, it’s just a different console. Developers might says it’s harder because it just takes time to understand the technology, we’re still early in the lifecycle.”

Adrian Lacey, international brand manager for Ubisoft, joins Le Tensorer in pointing out the PS2’s history as an example.

“For us it’s been a learning curve and technology changes very quickly. We’re learning step-by-step to use the PS3 to its fullest capacity,” Lacey said. “If you take the PS2 for example, when God of War come out people saw it was tremendous. But it wasn’t until the end of the PS2 cycle that we’ve seen the machine being pushed to its fullest.”

 [Via GamesIndustry]

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