Gravity Rush 2 is finally getting dated soon

July 19 will be the announcement

Gravity Rush 2, one of my currently most anticipated games, will finally get a solid release date for Japan on July 19, Sony has announced.

Fans have been waiting for roughly four years now for a follow-up since the original launched in 2012, and we’re actually going to get it on the PS4 — which hopefully allows it to spread its wings more than it did on the Vita.

Heck, the sequel is getting its own event to announce its date, held at Ebisu Act Square, with various members of the development team. It sadly will not be streamed, but we’ll share the info that comes out of it as it arrives. If you attend, you’ll get “Gravity Drops” candy for your trouble.

It is coming west at some point, we just don’t have a window yet.

Gravity Rush 2 [Sony via Gematsu]

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