Gravity Rush 2 drops in early December

And late November in Europe

Gravity Rush 2 will launch in Europe on November 30, Japan on December 1, and both the United Kingdom and North America on December 2, Sony Interactive Entertainment just announced.

The company hopes to entice folks to pre-order the game by offering a white DLC costume (pictured above), a nine-song sample of the soundtrack, and (for digital pre-orders) a set of 10 PSN avatars.

What’s more, Sony is also working on a new anime for the game with Studio Khara (Rebuild of Evangelion), which will bridge the gap between the original game and the sequel.

For more on Gravity Rush 2, check out our recent preview coverage here.

Gravity Rush 2 drops onto PS4 December 2 [PlayStation Blog, PS Blog Europe, Dengeki Online]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson