Gravity Bone creator releases Flotilla, a strategy game

I’m awful at every type of strategy whether turn-based or realtime, so I can only pass on the following news to you without making any evaluative statements.

Brendon Chung, creator of the incredible Gravity Bone, has released a game about spaceships blowing up other spaceships. It’s called Flotilla, and it’s a turn-based strategy game taking place in a fully 3D representation of space. When I say 3D, I’m not just referring to the graphics — I’m saying your ships can be manipulated on the X, Y, and Z axes. Certain ships are vulnerable from certain angles, and everyone’s turns go through at the exact same time.

Flotilla is available right now on the PC for $10, and will be coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games. There’s also a demo, which I’d highly suggest checking out if you have the sort of strategic mind Flotilla seems to require.

Me, I’m just going to play Gravity Bone a few more times and lament my complete lack of military skill.


Anthony Burch