Grasshopper Manufacture’s first game coming to PSN

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Suda51 is one of my favorite game designers. While the games that his company, Grasshopper Manufacture, puts out aren’t always very deep from a gameplay perspective, I can’t help loving them. Sometimes you just have to have a little style over substance and this dude has it in spades.

Late last week, at an event called, “Foreign Video Game Unlawful Assembly 2K8,” Suda announced that Grasshopper’s first title, The Silver Case, will be hitting the PSN download service. Originally released for the PS1, it’s an adventure game centered around a series of bizarre murders that point to an assassin thought to be long dead. So, basically, a Suda51 game.

No word on when it might be releasing and it probably won’t make it beyond Japan anyway. On the plus side, there’s still a chance that fans outside of the Land of the Rising Sun will get a chance to play it. A remake of The Silver Case and its mobile phone sequel, 25 Ward, is supposed to be arriving later this year on DS and it’s been said that the titles will receive an international release.

If I could just get a North American release of Michigan, I’d be a very happy man.

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