Grasshopper Manufacture raises $80k for Japan relief

The fine folks at Grasshopper Manufacture immediately jumped to action to help out after the March earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, and now they send word that they’ve managed to pull together more than $80,000 for relief funds through various efforts. 

Their first iOS app, Frog Minutes, helped out quite a bit, as 100 percent of the proceeds went to relief funds. It quickly jumped to the top of the iOS Japan sales charts and has since pulled in about $20,000. More help came from the company’s cooperation with charity auction Play For Japan. Team member and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka auctioned up his guitar and gear to raise almost $10,000. Beyond this, EA donated $50,000 to the Red Cross on behalf of Grashopper. The two companies are worked together to create Shadow of the Damned.

Nice work, Grasshopper.

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