Grasshopper Manufacture launches podcast

Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture — you know, those crazy folks behind No More Heroes and Killer7 — have kicked off its podcast. And it’s in English!

The currently unnamed weekly 30-minute podcast is hosted by Grasshopper Manufacture producer Esteban Salazar and community manager John Davis. Each week, the two plan to feature a different staff member, each of which will talk about what they do at the studio. The inaugural episode features Massimo Guarini, director of… a big, mysterious project no one will tell us about. (Damn.)

The show will also feature music from your favorite Grasshopper Manufacture games (and perhaps some recommendations from Suda 51 and Akira Yamaoka), contests, and more.

You can hear the podcast on the studio’s Facebook page (it’s not on iTunes just yet); it’s also looking for a name, so help them out and maybe win a prize. You can do it!

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