Grasshopper licenses Unreal Engine 3, rainbows no longer possible

Grasshopper Manufacture has secured the rights to use Unreal Engine 3 for their upcoming action horror game. The game, if you remember, was the result of an exclusive deal with Electronic Arts way back in August. The details on the title are still sparse, but we do know that the game will be multiplatform, Suda 51 will be involved, and it is now using UE 3.

Grasshopper will join a long list of games utilizing UE 3. Gears of War, BioShock, Medal of Honor, Army of Two and Grimm Episode 1 are all built upon the engine and we can only guess that list will continue to expand as colors like “violet” and “blue” continue to be discarded.

Kidding aside, I have some pretty high hopes for this title. Hopefully, Grasshopper’s sales will finally match their artistry this time around.

Brad BradNicholson