Grant Morrison to write Area 51 script

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Grant Morrison, the author of Arkham Asylum, will be writing the script for Area 51. While Morrison is a great writer, the film has still yet to get a director, so Paul W.S. Anderson or Uwe Boll could still hunt down Paramount and beg them for a directing role. According to the Variety article, Christine Peters will produce the film, who worked on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

I have great faith in Morrison’s writing, although there are two main problems with this. First, Morrison doesn’t have much to work with here. The story is fairly barebones and it’s really all about the action. Second, the director is going to have a huge influence on this, and I’m fearful that it’s going to go to a bad director. If anything, I’d like to see this go into the hands of new talent, and hopefully we’ll get something better than House of the Dead.

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