Grandia HD Collection ‘coming soon,’ will be at E3

More information to be revealed at the show

The Grandia HD Collection for Switch and Grandia HD Remaster for PC will be “coming soon,” according to GungHo Online Entertainment America. In a press release, the company revealed that work on the title is nearing completion and the compilation pack should be released in the near future. To see how work on the ports has progressed, both will be playable at E3 next week.

If you’re wondering why the double pack isn’t being brought to PC, Grandia II Anniversary Edition was made available on Steam and GOG nearly four years ago. When the original title hits digital storefronts, Anniversary Edition will be rebranded as Grandia II HD Remaster for parities sake. I’d imagine we’ll also see an optional bundle for anyone that doesn’t already own the sequel.

If you had forgotten that the Grandia HD Collection was even happening, why not refresh yourselves with Destructoid’s previous coverage of the game? As CJ wrote, “While the battle system certainly makes this game worth paying attention to, I’m not sure the quality of the port will appeal to anyone who isn’t already saving their pennies and nickels for it.”

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