Grand Theft Auto IV trailer: ‘Move up, ladies’, take two

GameTrailers has a neat little feature where they basically take VH1’s old Pop-Up Video idea and apply it to some of the high profile videogame trailers. They call it the Pop-Block and they’ve teamed up with Rockstar to bring us some new facts about the stuff we saw in the latest Grand Theft Auto IV trailer.

Among some of the useless facts about the infestation of cockroaches and the legality of switchblades in Liberty City, we do get some nice bits of info. The names of some of the major characters and what type of role they will have towards Niko are revealed. We also see that the gun system will be changing for the better, finally. The last pop-up at the end of the video has me extremely curious though:

Everything seen in this trailer will appear in the game, it’s up to you to find it

Does this mean that the story progression system in GTA IV has completely 180 from previous installments? In GTA III and beyond, if you had failed a mission, you could always try it again. In GTA 1 though, if you failed a mission, that was it, no retry (unless you reloaded your previous safe … ). Could they be alluding that they’re going back to that old system from the original game? Or could this mean that you’re going to have more of a choice now to which side you want to work for, similar to GTA 2? So, in instance, if you side with Caribbean, will Vlad end up as your enemy? Or vice versa?

I’m more than likely reading way too much into this. I’ve been following this series since the original PS1 game so yes, I’m being a total fanboy at the moment. Anyway, take a look at the updated trailer and let us know what you think about it. 

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