Grand Theft Auto IV to PC confirmed

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According to the front Malaysia’s “premier gaming mag” PC Gamer, Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to the PC. As we aren’t in Malaysia, when the misadventures of Niko Bellic and company will be invading your rig is unknown. Above is my artist rendition of the magazine cover that we caught a glimpse of at Overclock.

SInce we have no clue as to what is exactly coming with the package, it’s time for gross speculation. My guess is that it will just be a direct port of the Xbox 360 version, with the same stipulations that Rockstar has with Microsoft in tow. That means, probably, no downloadable content until the exclusive agreement ends with Microsoft. Regardless of content, I wonder if Rockstar will open up some development tools this time around? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has quite the community still surrounding it.

Are there any PC players smacking their lips right now? I’ve never had the pleasure of playing GTA on a PC for any extended period of time, so I don’t know if this version of GTA IV would be preferable to the crowd with machines that can actually run a new game. With this announcement behind us, maybe the next one will be about a Macintosh version that consists of web-based content and pre-1990s graphics that I can play. We’ll keep you posted when another foreign magazine puts that information up.

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