Grand Theft Auto done with Liberty City: Next stop …

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With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City, Rockstar has declared that this is the end for Liberty City, the game’s New York-inspired location. In the manual for the freshly released game, a teaser page bears the message: “Liberty City! It’s Over!” Underneath that message is the phrase: “Next Stop.”

The image has a pretend rip in the paper, “revealing” the location underneath it. However, all that’s pictured is a small bit of landscape and the word “seagull,” which gives us no clue whatsoever as to where the next location may be. That said, wasn’t Vice City supposed to be famed for its beach, upon which there CAN BE SEAGULLS SOMETIMES!? My journalism sense is tingling …

Where do you think the “next stop” for Grand Theft Auto will be? Are we returning to Vice City, will we be skipping straight to San Andreas, or does Rockstar have something entirely new up its sleeve? Let the rudderless speculation begin!

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