Granblue Fantasy: Versus reveals four characters from its first season pass…and one from its second

Something wicked this way comes

Fighting games having multiple season passes is the new normal at this point. Games like Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle have extended their relevancy in the genre by introducing new characters long after their original release. So it’s no surprise the Arc System Works developed Granblue Fantasy: Versus is following suit. It was already announced there would be a character pass for the title, but today, we learned there are already plans for a second pass with Belial as its headliner.

As for the first character pass, the four characters revealed so far are:

  • Chaos Bringer
  • Narmaya
  • Soriz
  • Djeeta

The fifth and final character remains a mystery, though I’m sure our resident Granblue fans have some idea of who it could be. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is expected to release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan in early February, 2020. A western release from Xseed Games has been confirmed but we are still without a date.

CJ Andriessen
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