Gran Turismo has let us down, but Forza 3 is here to help

Lips flap a lot at E3. After all everyone is there to make a splash. Remember when Dan Greenawalt, Forza 3‘s creative director, mentioned once or twice that Forza 3 was going to be the definitive racing game of this generation? He might have dropped that phrase a few times here and there. Clearly his incessant claim was meant to be a subtle swipe at Gran Turismo, but Greenwalt doesn’t play subtle. According to him Gran Turismo has not been living up to what it should be.

During E3 Greenwalt let the jab out while showing off some of Forza 3‘s new features like the rewind option. After discussing how Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi influenced him greatly in becoming passionate about cars Greenwalt went on to say that Gran Turismo had “dropped the ball,” but that Forza 3 was here to “pick it up.” Boom! Greenwalt steps it up.

We’ve all seen the stunning trailer for Froza 3, but who thinks it’s really going to replace the epic realism of Gran Turismo. If you ask me they’re both great racing games, but Forza is geared far more towards the arcade/real racer while Gran Turismo is gearted towards solely the real racer. I mean look at the car flipping in the Forza trailer, I don’t think Gran Turismo was ever about doing stuff like that. 

Matthew Razak