Gran Turismo 6’s online portion will end next year

Victory Lap

The final laps are drawing ever closer for Gran Turismo 6. The penultimate installment for PS3 will see all online services cease on March 28, 2018. All available DLC will also stop being sold on January 31 to prepare for the inevitable closure of the game’s online portion.

What this entails is everything relating to community features, multiplayer lobbies, the track editor and seasonal events. To be clear, you can still use the track editor offline, but you won’t be able to share any new courses online or download any currently available ones. If you’d purchased any microtransactions for your save file, you’ll need to navigate to the PlayStation store download list to redownload them if you uninstall the game and its updates.

Gran Turismo 6 online services to end on March 28 [Gematsu]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.