Grab these Bad Company 2 beta codes while you can!

The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta begins tomorrow for PlayStation 3 owners! The beta is made up of one map, one mode and supports 24 players. Read my preview to get more info on what you can expect from the beta. 

EA has been giving out beta codes all over the Internet and now it’s time for Destructoid to give out some invites! Just leave a comment below saying “I want to join the Bad Company!” You can enter as many times as you’d like, but you have to let at least three other people comment before you can enter again.

We have 11 codes to giveaway and comments number 2, 50, 76, 100, 249, 255, 300, 501, 600, 850 and 1,000 will each get a code. Contest is open to everyone!

[Note: If the selected comment doesn’t say the required answer, prize will default to the next person who comments correctly.]

[Update: Codes have been given out. If you didn’t win a code, it’s because you didn’t follow the rules!]

Hamza Aziz