Grab Street Fighter V’s egregiously priced eSports-themed DLC today

New costumes and a stage

EVO 2016 was the biggest EVO yet. In addition to a record number of applicants across fighting game showings for Street Fighter V, there were also a ton of other announcements, one of which is new Street Fighter DLC.

Over the weekend, Capcom announced that the Pro Tour DLC is out now, providing a new stage and costumes for a limited time. For the “low” price of $24.99, you can nab three costumes (Chun-Li, Cammy, “mystery costume”), the Ring of Destiny stage, new color options, and two exclusive titles. You can also spring for piecemeal options if you’re so inclined.

It’s pretty unbelievable that this isn’t free, seeing as this is basically just a promo for a Capcom sponsored event. They garnered a lot of good will with a great EVO showing, but Capcom is still going to do Capcom things.

Chris Carter
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