Grab Little Inferno for free now while you can from Epic Games

You have a few hours left

Continuing with the Epic Games Store 12 days of Christmas event, yet another game is available for free.

The newest title? Little Inferno, the 2012 odd duck from Tomorrow Corporation, who also created World of Goo. I’ll always remember this free-wheeling sandbox puzzler as a Wii U launch game: a unique offering that helped the Wii U get its Dreamcast-esque cred right out of the gate. In fact it’s best enjoyed on the Wii U, but given that most of those are probably collecting dust or in a garbage bin at this point (mine will stay forever hooked up), free on PC is probably the realistic option.

It’s not for everyone for sure; but what’s why, even seven years later, it’s a perfect free download. You do only have a few hours though (games swap at 11AM ET daily), so make sure you log into your Epic Games launcher or the website and claim it.

12 Days of Free Games [Epic Games Store]

Chris Carter
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