Grab Into the Breach and get a free copy of FTL: Advance Edition

Worthwhile bonus

If you’ve never tried FTL: Faster Than Light, you’re in for a treat this week as the developer has released their brand new title Into the Breach. Why does the new game matter in terms of FTL? Until next week March 6, if you pick up a copy of the turn-based strategy game Into the Breach, you’ll get a free copy of FTL as an early adopter bonus. With over 30,000 overwhelming positive reviews from users on Steam – FTL is a pretty damn good freebie.

As of writing, this promotion is available at either GOG for the DRM-free version or Humble Store for the Steam copy. Interestingly enough, this offer isn’t found anywhere else (not even on Steam Store).

Into the Breach Release Week Deals

At GOG, if you already own a copy of FTL, you’ll have to contact support to get a gift code for a friend. For Humble Store, you’ll simply receive a Steam key to FTL

With only a few hours into the game, we can already say definitively that this has all the right flavor that we’ve expected from Subset Games. Like FTL, Into the Breach has a certain charm and simplicity to the game but still retains a deeper depth for strategy game fans. Best of all, we think the $15 price tag is just right and because of this, we’re not at all surprised to see the game sitting pretty on the top selling slots on Steam Store, GOG, and beyond.

If you’re unsure about the game, a few quick gameplay streams should be sufficient to give you an idea of the game’s mechanic and whether or not it’s a title worth playing.

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