Grab an Xbox One with a solid end of year deal

Dead Rising 4 is also on sale

Retailers across the nation will be holding promos for the slim system that include a bonus “gift” with the purchase. A few stores are also throwing in a $50 gift card along with the console, so that sure is fun!

Sadly, the console price isn’t cut down (and the deal doesn’t extend to the original model), but a free game kind of makes up for that.

  • For console purchases at Best Buy, Amazon or, get a free Xbox Wireless Controller
  • For console purchases at GameStop, get a free Xbox Stereo Headset in white or black
  • For console purchases at Target or Microsoft Stores, build your gaming collection with a free game of your choice

Along with those deals, Amazon and GameStop have Dead Rising 4 for $30 today while Best Buy has it for $40. Note that the game is not an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so buying the Xbox One digital code will not yield you with the PC version and the physical copy doesn’t come with a PC code. Kind of a bummer, but if you’re looking to tear up some festive zombies before the end of 2016, this will probably be your cheapest bet.

Close out 2016 with a New Xbox One S and a Free Gift [Xbox Wire]

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