Grab $100 Best Buy or $50 GameStop eGift Cards, get a $10 bonus

eGift Cards, that’s how

Update: We f’ed up that title. Fixed to clarify what the deal is actually about. For those wondering and to make sense on the warranted comments below, the previous title was “Get a $10 bonus for buying anything at Best Buy.” Forgot to include ‘$100’ in there but new title above is better anyways.

eBay/PayPal Digital Gifts have an interesting offer up for grabs today. Up for sale is a $100 Best Buy eGift card with a bonus $10 eBay eGift card.

This means you’ll basically get a $10 bonus for buying anything worth $100 (or more) at Best Buy — close to a 10% discount at best. (A similar $50 GameStop gift card + $10 bonus is also available, linked below).

Given both Best Buy and eBay have gift cards for sale, including Steam cards and PSN/Xbox cards, you’ll be able to trade your eGift card for physical gift cards and then you can get additional gift cards on eBay for $10 off.

Some example purchases:

  • Grab $100 worth of Steam gift cards at Best Buy, then buy $20 worth of Steam eGift card at eBay for $10 off.
  • Grab ~$100 worth of Wii U/3DS games/accessories at Best Buy, then grab a $10 Nintendo eShop card at eBay.

Other eBay eGift card deals:

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