Gotta buy them all: Metal Gear Kubricks

While the lot of you folks may still be in a tizzy concerning whether or not Jessica Chobot‘s vinyl derrière is of legal, boneablé age or not, I will be saving my personal reserve of toy-induced saliva for these up and coming Metal Gear Solid Kubricks.  

Tiny, poseable, and undeniably Kubrick-able, Medicom exposed the MGS Kubrick set at Comic Con 2007 that delightfully headlines characters from the entire MSG series. The ruggedly plastic fellows seen here can be identified as the following (in case you couldn’t already tell):

MGS 1: “Solid Snake”
MGS 1: “Grey Fox” (Ninja)
MGS 3: Snake Eater “Naked Snake”
MGS 4: Guns of the Patriot “Solid Snake”
MGS 4: Guns of the Patriot “Raiden” 

More details to come in the near future such as how much they’ll cost, how many I will be able to buy, and more importantly, what the most comfortable console for them to pose all up on’s will be.  

[Via ToysREvil]