Gotham Knights, a current-gen exclusive, rated for Switch

It was added to the ESRB page this week

In an era that’s still filled with previous-and-current-gen simul-releases, Gotham Knights bucked the trend with a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusive console release. Now, it might be coming to the Switch, roughly a year since the original’s debut.

This is according to a new ESRB rating that popped up, which added Switch as a platform to its listing. Note that ESRB ratings don’t usually apply to Switch cloud-based games, so in all likelihood, this is a legitimate port. We’ve reached out to WB for clarification.

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Even if Gotham Knights doesn’t come to Switch, you’re not missing much

As a reminder, here’s the ESRB rating reasoning itself, which is a hoot:

“This is an action role-playing game in which players control one of four Batman Family members through missions around Gotham City. Players explore open-world environments while investigating crime scenes and fighting criminals/villains. Players mostly engage in melee-style combat using punches, kicks, and takedowns to defeat enemies. Combat is highlighted by impact sounds, cries of pain, occasional gunfire, and explosions. Stealth attacks and takedowns result in brief cutscenes: characters slamming enemies’ heads into floors/walls; kicks/knees to the head; close-range gunshots to enemies’ torsos. Blood stains are sometimes depicted on wounded characters’ faces and/or clothing and splattered around crime scenes; some bodies can be examined for autopsy during investigations. The game contains several alcohol references (e.g., wine, beer, whiskey, drunkenness), and one scene depicts a villain drinking whiskey. Some characters can be seen smoking in various areas of Gotham City. The words “sh*t” and “a*shole” appear in the game.”

“One scene depicts a villain drinking whiskey.” Classic!

But in all seriousness, Gotham Knights is extremely mediocre, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if this doesn’t come to fruition, or it runs like a buggy mess.

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