Gorgeous Gamers revamps itself, stay here and play games

At some point in time GorgeousGamers.com was simply supposed to be a place to perv on attractive people who played videogames. Now, however, they’ve decided to not be quite as shallow and revamped themselves as the “Facebook for gamers.” There seem to be people on the site and you can most likely network through it. There’s… ummm… contests.

Really, this doesn’t look any different from the hundreds upon thousands of other social networking sites except for some extra gaming stuff here and there, and if you’re here at Destructoid you’ve already got the greatest gaming community around so I don’t see why you need it. Why am I telling you about it then? Because them wanting to be advertised gives me an excuse to promote our totally awesome and revamped meetup+play. It’s awesome and fun all at once. Plus, you don’t have to leave Destructoid to socially network with other gamers. So yea, blatant self promotion.

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