Gorgeous Fallout 4 mod cocktail lets nature overrun the wasteland

Fallout 4 never looked so good

After Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and The Last of Us, I’m hard pressed to remember games that have a post apocalypta that’s defined by greenery. It’s some mix of narcissism and genuine concern, that we can so permanently destroy “our” world, the the Earth as it’s been for a long time won’t be when we’re done with it.

And unless you pull a Fury Road, that makes more a lot of dull, dusty video game settings. Intentionally dour worlds be damned, I like everything in cocktails — fistfuls of assorted drugs, a big gulp filled with eight different liquors (and a couple more liqueurs), a grab bag of different-sized safety equipment, whatever — and this mod cocktail is no different.

Here’s what you’ll need, beyond a powerful system: Resurrection, GRASSLANDS, Photorealistic Commonwealth, P99, Adventurer Outfit 4K, Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE, and True Storms – Wasteland Edition.

Look how much better it looks!

Steven Hansen