Gorgeous adventure game The Song of Seven releases today

Has goats that say ‘Breh’

I’m not big on adventure games, but I’ve just played a bit of The Song of Seven: Chapter One that releases today on Steam and I’m in love with its art style and character designs. Plus, who couldn’t possibly love goat-like creatures that say “breh” audibly instead of the boring old “bah” like a sheep?

I’m only around an hour into the game, yet I’ve already managed to get these three gorgeous screenshots. Gameplay wise it feels like a modernized version of old school point-and-click adventure games where you use WASD to get around and right click things to interact. I’m not far enough to give any real opinion on the game but felt compelled to give it shoutout for graphics alone.

The developers told me this first episode of the game lasts around three and a half hours, which doesn’t sound all that bad for just over $7. 

[A retail build of the game was provided by the developer.]

Jed Whitaker