Gore overload! First look at Soldier of Fortune: Payback

Our first look at the latest from the Soldier of Fortune series shows us exactly what you would expect from it. Tons of blood and limbs flying all over the place! From this first video, I’d have to say it’s looking some what good. The graphics look good and the guns look great. To bad the enemy A.I. looks to be completely retarded.

I remember the first time I played this series. First thing I did was blow a guy’s arm off with a shotgun. I was so fascinated by this, that I kept shooting his corpse to see what else would fly off. I think I spent a good ten minutes just screwing around with the physics of the game on this one dead guy. I was 14-years-old at the time. SEE JACK THOMPSON, VIDEOGAMES DIDN’T MAKE ME VIOLENT OR CRAZY! 

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