Google will finally reveal its gaming plans in exactly one month

What could Yeti be?

Google has long been on the fringe of mainstream games, hanging around but not quite making its presence felt. For instance, when virtual reality headsets like Rift and Vive were launching, Google released a relatively cheap smartphone VR unit called Google Daydream. Or, last fall, Google tinkered with streaming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via the Chrome browser.

It seems like Google is finally ready to make a splash. Earlier today, Google sent out email invitations to its Game Developer Conference keynote in San Francisco on March 19. The email doesn’t hint at much, simply saying “Gather around. All will be revealed at the Google Keynote.”

There are a few prevalent theories going ’round about Google’s intentions. Google has been rumored to be coupling a streaming subscription service with some sort of hardware. It’s said to be codenamed “Yeti,” and Google is allegedly courting developers for this new platform.

We’ll find out in exactly one month. Until then, we have this mysterious gif to contemplate.

Brett Makedonski
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