Google Stadia games head Jade Raymond hints that it might be a long time before we see Stadia exclusives

First on the docket is third party

Google Stadia is coming! Is it the future? We probably won’t know if renting your games full-time is going to catch on for many years, but in the short term, we’ll let you know around launch how the initial user experience is. That experience, mind, is going to be packed to the brim with first-party games. When are the exclusives coming? Eventually, says games division head and renowned developer Jade Raymond.

Speaking to, Raymond noted that the initial goal is to cater to first-party releases first to help drive the appeal of the Stadia: Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a huge part of that push, and will be bundled with premium editions of the system. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. Raymond explained, “It is a long term view that Google is taking. For a big bet and a huge new IP that’s going to fully leverage the cloud, it may be several years. But we do have quite a few exclusive games in the works that will demonstrate some of the exciting things about the platform all along the path. It won’t be four years before gamers get to see the new exclusive, exciting content. There will be some coming out every year, and more and more each year.”

Raymond’s vague statement makes sense, as Stadia is still finding its footing. But that “four years” quote is going to be fascinating to watch unfold before our very eyes. When will the first Stadia exclusive hit the ecosystem? Not anytime soon. Luckily Rockstar stepped up and finished the PC edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, which makes the prospect of Stadia a little sweeter when it arrives just in time for the launch of the project on November 19.

Google is making a “spectrum of bets” on Stadia content []

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